New Book release on tour skating in Norway


Guide to touring skating gems

“Ice Skating in Norway” is a guide to our best ice skating gems. The book is designed for those who are hooked on the experience of floating over icy waters and who are looking for new places to go on adventures. Here you can read about the possibilities for exploration on icy ponds, large lakes, mighty mountain lakes and spectacular fjords.

This content-rich book is the result of a gigantic volunteer project, with contributions from 39 ice skaters from all over the country. They generously share information about season, weak areas, access and a host of other practical tips for 167 favorite lakes – from Namsos in the north to Tvedestrand in the south.

Here’s everything you need to plan your next trip, including practicing the mantra: There is no such thing as safe ice, there are only safe skaters.

The three experienced touring skaters Håvard Tørring, Per Sollerman and Terje Johnsen are the editorial team who have created a beautiful, readable and useful collection of text, photos and maps. You’re guaranteed to find new places to explore this winter.

NB: your Norwegian has to be up to date! It’s not in English

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